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3x The "EcoVID" Covid Mask - (*n1)


3x The "EcoVID" Reusable Mask

Don’t let its ugly face fool you, let it protect you!

Offers maximum protection from airborne contaminants including viruses.

The key is the sealed mouth and nose piece made of supple surgical silicone partnered with interchangeable disposable Nano silver 3 ply melt blown filter elements with 99% efficiency.

Secured with adjustable, around the head straps; the mask stays in place and seals you from the environment. Large filter surface area provides ease of breathe and conversation.

Every mask comes with 50, one time use, Disposable filters making superior protection the most economical option. The JASON Covid mask is pending further FDA certification and is the preferred mask of the Vietnamese military and medical professionals. In Stock in Canada and shipping now.

A WeAir curated product.

*  All masks are final sale.